Cricut Bright Pad Review – Innovative Tracing Tool for Crafters

There are lots of questions surrounding the Cricut BrightPad. What is the Cricut BrightPad? Is the Cricut BrightPad worth its cost? Is it a must-have tool for crafting enthusiasts? Does it really make weeding vinyl much easier? Do I really need the BrightPad? If you have found yourself plagued with questions such as the one above, then you are in the right place. This is because Cricut introduced to the market their version of the light pad known as the Bright Pad. But before we review the BrightPad, we shall quickly define what a light pad is and what it is used for.

A light pad is a viewing device that is used by crafters and artists for tracing, sketching, weeding, and reviewing their artwork amongst other things. The light pad essentially helps artists and crafters elevate their artworks, and while it is not a mandatory tool, it helps town one if you can afford it.

Cricut BrightPad Overview

The Cricut BrightPad, which resembles a tablet, is one of the most innovative tracing and weeding tools in the market. The BrightPad is thin, lightweight, and brags a sleek design like most advanced tablets do. It is equipped with five settings which are used to adjust the brightness of the pad and enable artists to customize their workspace depending on what suits their needs. Upon purchase of the device, users receive a package containing a user manual, power cable, and the pad. The pad is fitted with several features to ensure that it can absorb any shock and arrive at the user’s destination in one piece. To use the BrightPad, a user simply has to plug in the power cable to a power outlet and press the power button. Users can adjust the pad’s light settings with either one of the two +/- buttons located on the side of the tablet.

Key Features of the Cricut Brightpad

High Scratch Tolerance level: the scratch tolerance level refers to the abrasion resistance levels depending on how hard a surface or material is. The scratch hardness/ tolerance typically ranges between 1 and 10, where ten is the highest level, which is categorically reserved for diamonds. The Cricut BrightPad has a 6H hardness level which cannot be said for other light pads which typically brag a 3.5H hardness/ tolerance level. A device is more scratch-resistant if its scratch hardness is high, which means that users can certainly rely on the quality of the Cricut BrightPad.

Great design: As previously mentioned, the BrightPad is an extremely lightweight device that is 0.35 inches deep and almost looks like a high-tech tablet. A quick glance at the device will reveal that its design is well-thought-out, particularly because no artist would appreciate having to uses a light pad that is extremely bulky and heavy. The Cricut BrightPad offers artists with the possibility to work in an appropriate body posture as they do not have to prop their elbows onto the desk while working or even change their posture.

Light adjustment capabilities: The light adjustment button is a pretty nifty feature that a lot of crafters can appreciate. This is because users can effortlessly adjust the LED light of the Cricut BrightPad from level 1 to level 5 by simply pressing the +/- keypad buttons on the machine. By increasing or decreasing the light, it is possible for users to work in their ideal light conditions however we think that these buttons deserve and upgrade to become touch-sensitive buttons if for nothing else other than convenience. In a matter of seconds, users can move from the lowest 400 Lumens level 1 brightness settings to the highest 4000 Lumens level 5 brightness settings. The other brightness settings offer Lumens of 1300, 2200, and 3100 for levels 2, 3 and four respectively.

Even LED Backlight: The Cricut BrightPad produces light that is even as it uses superior LED bulbs, unlike most of the cheaper light pads that use substandard halogen bulbs. The LED lighting of the BrightPad can give users service for up to 50,000 hours emitting light evenly across the pad’s surface. Additionally, the light emitted by the LED lighting is not as harsh as it falls on the cooler white side.

Anti-Slip Base: the chances of the BrightPad slipping from a user’s hands or surface are very low as the pad is fitted with an anti-slip coating intended to minimize the occurrence of accidents. This ensures that users have steady work and that they will not move about while they are working.

What I Appreciated About the Brightpad

  • Firstly, I really liked that the BrightPad came with a manufacturer’s warranty that was valid for a year from the date of the pad’s purchase. This, in my opinion, spoke a lot into the fact that the manufacturer could be trusted with the quality of the device they were producing.
  • The highly responsive light adjustment settings are what sold me on this device as I could customize the light pad to my preference.
  • The device is extremely durable and ideal for use in the long-term.
  • The device’s working surface was generously wide, which made it easy to work with.

What I Did Not Like About the Brightpad

  • I felt that it was somewhat expensive.
  • Its 6-foot power cable was, in my opinion, limiting, and it would do better with a rechargeable battery.


The Cricut BrightPad is a premium-grade multipurpose light pad that goes a long way in unhinging a user’s creativity and artistic limits. From detailed crafting, weeding, tracing and handling glitter iron-on users will enjoy using this as long as they are familiar with how to work with it. We personally liked that it could be used by anyone regardless of their crafting experiences and abilities. Its polycarbonate surface ensures that you will be using it for quite a while as it is durable, practical, and most importantly, functional. If you were considering acquiring the Cricut Brightpad, we hope that this review has removed any doubts that you may have had and shed some light onto what the BrightPad is and how it can help you meet your needs.

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