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You have probably come across garments such as t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, and surfaces that have some beautiful artwork/ design on them and wondered how it was achieved. One such way through which this is achievable is through heat transfers. The market is saturated with heat press machines as well as machines such as the Cricut Easy Press which not necessarily a heat press machine or iron.

Product Overview

The Cricut Easy Press is a machine was purposefully designed to deliver specialized iron-on results in under a minute, and that can be used to press transfers such as sublimation transfers, inkjet transfers and even iron-on also known as HTV. This Cricut easy Press relies on a combination of the handiness of a regular iron box and the speeds of a conventional heat press to deliver transfers that can last beyond several washes.

This machine is available in four different forms, namely the RASPBERRY 12?X10?, RASPBERRY 9? X 9?, RASPBERRY 6? X 6?, and the SKY-9? X 9?. It consists of an evenly heated plate and dials that are used to manage the operations of the machine. Users can use the Cricut easy press for layered, small and large projects as the, has the capability of reaching temperature settings of up to 180°C (350°F). Additionally, it brags several features, including an insulated resting base and automatic shutoff. Upon purchase of the machine, users receive a package that consists of a warranty card, a welcome booklet, a user manual, a safety base, and the Cricut machine.

How the Cricut Easy Press Works

Before we get into how the Easy Press works, it is important that you are aware of the machines specifications. This includes a ceramic coated heating plate which can be used for projects that are big and involve layering, handles that facilitate maneuverability, two winding heat plates that heat the machines surface, precise temperature control settings, auto shutoff, and safety base to ensure safety while you are working.

Before even beginning to use the machine, it is crucial that you work from a surface that is not only flat and heat resistant but also firm. The Easy Press starts working once the machine has been powered up using the power button situated on the left-hand side of the display. Once you are certain that both your surface and machine are ready, you can go ahead and set the temperature and time that align with the needs of your project.

Both the time and temperature can be adjusted using the +/- buttons that allow users to stipulate their chosen time and temperature accordingly. When adjusting the temperature, the machine typically displays an orange color which turns green once the right temperature is achieved. My personal favorite thing about this machine is the amount of time it takes to heat up. Unlike regular irons, the Easy Press heats up to 180 degrees Celsius in approximately two minutes and forty-four seconds upon which it will notify the user by beeping. Once the machine is ready, a user simply has to place their material of choice onto the silicone foam mat, pre-heating it to rid it of wrinkles. The next few steps are where the magic happens as a user simply puts their vinyl design on to the base material and places the Easy Press onto their vinyl decal. Immediately after a user must initiate the machine’s timer and apply moderate pressure to keep it in place as they press. Once the pressing is done, it will beep once more, and at this point, all a user has to do is return the Easy Press onto its stand and wait for the mat to cool down before removing it from the vinyl. The most important thing to remember when using the machine is that the materials that one is using have to be completely dry and moisture-free.

Pros of the Cricut Easy Press

  • The machine is quite compact, and its size makes it very easy to port or even store.
  • The outcome delivered by the Easy Press is akin to professional level heat presses as the designs also last for longer periods.
  • Unlike some of its competitors that are not compatible with some
  • Heat transfer materials, the Easy Press is compatibility with most of the main brands of heat-transfer materials something that crafters and DIYers will appreciate.
  • It takes a very short duration of time to heat up to its optimum temperature.
  • It is equipped with an auto-shutoff safety feature that turns the machine off after ten minutes of inactivity.
  • The machine distributes heat evenly across the plate, which ensures that the design is fully completed in the stipulated time.

Cons of the Cricut Easy Press

  • We found the heat press to be a little on the pricey side of things, especially since you could easily find a professional heat press for the same amount.
  • In comparison to the regular heat presses, the ceramic-coated heating surface was rather small.
  • Users can only use so many materials as the machine’s optimum of 180° C can pose a challenge to some of the materials that can be used.
  • While regular heat press machines have a lock mechanism that holds the materials in place, the Easy Press requires users to apply pressure to prevent the materials from moving.
  • The package of the machine does not include a pressing mat which some users may find to be annoying.

Final Thoughts

The Cricut Easy Press is a portable, convenient, and easy to use alternative for your regular heat presses if you are a crafter/ DIYer who does not create in bulk. It is perfect for small spaces, and its lightweight and compact nature make using the machine extremely enjoyable. This machine has excelled where a few others have failed with their uneven heating surfaces and lack of variable temperature setting. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or expert, I would wholly recommend this machine. For as long as the manufacturers reference guide is adhered too, you will have a breeze using this machine just like I did.

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