Sizzix Big Shot Review – A Handy Die Cutting Machine

Sizzix Big Shot Review – A Handy Die Cutting Machine

If you are looking for a die cut machine that is handy and overly dependable, then look no further than with the award-winning Sizzix Big shot. There are two types of Sizzix Big Shot machines, i.e., the foldaway and the die cutting machine. For this review, we shall be discussing the die cutting Sizzix Bigshot. This machine lives up to its name, and DIYers and crafters are certainly going to enjoy using this machine that has the ability to not only cut but emboss on several different materials. With the Sizzix Big Shot, it is possible to create unique one-of-a-kind cards, scrapbook pages, invitations, fashion, home decor, quilting, altered art, and much more. If you have been considering acquiring the Sizzix Big shot, then you are in the right place as we take an in-depth look at the Big Shot and various elements about it to help you in making a decision on whether it is the ideal machine for your crafting needs. The Big Shot is a stable machine featuring a 6-inch wide opening that can be used to emboss or die cut with an appropriate crafting area that facilitates the creation of larger projects. Users can create stencils and cutouts that are much bigger than normal without having to worry that the machine will break down. Weighing 7.5lbs, the Big Shot is a rather bulky machine that is not easily portable

Features of the Sizzix Big Shot.

In order to ensure that it functions at its optimum, the Big Shot brags the following features;

Steel core; at its core, the Big Shot has steel bearings and roller that enable users to work with materials that are often challenging for other machines in the market. The bearing and roller can easily cut through materials that are not only thick but also tough without wearing out easily.

Its exterior is aesthetically pleasing; with the Sizzix Big Shot, users can create beautiful art on a machine that matches the user’s elegant taste. The machine is available in several different colors, and as such a user can pick whichever, they feel tickles their fancy and resembles the art they create.

Extended multipurpose platform; the extended crafts area that is 14 1/8? long is another feature that the Big Shot brags. The crafts are is constructed from a combination of durable plastic and steel, which give it the ability to handle any pressure thrown its way. The platform is capable of handling bigger dies, creating larger cutouts, and embossing a user’s favorite patterns on pieces of material that are much larger than usual. The crafts area has tabs that offer users beneficial information about cutting and embossing as well as the folders and dies they can use, therefore ensuring that they can start working as soon as they acquire the machine.

Rubber Feet: The Big Shot is fitted with rubber feet that ensure the machine stays in place and does not move while it is being used.

How to use the Sizzix Big Shot

Using the Big Shot is pretty simple and straightforward. All one needs one to do is place whatever material that they want to cut between the machine’s cutting plates, and thereafter following the directions indicated on the multipurpose platform. This will ensure that the correct thickness of the material is selected before it is sent through the machine. Once this is completed, you simply turn the handle, and the cutting or embossing process begins. Because the embossing and cutting process is manual, users may have to exert a little more pressure when using tougher materials and less pressure when using lighter materials. The Sizzix Big shot can work with a wide variety of materials including chipboard, metallic foil, vellum, foam, magnet, leather, craft aluminum, felt, fabric, cardstock and many more.

Why use the Sizzix Big Shot?

  • Despite the market being saturated with different iterations of manual die-cutting and embossing machines, the Big Shot standouts out because of several things with the most important one being the flexibility it affords its users. Other reasons include:
  • It functions with embossing folders and dies from several other brands. This kind of compatibility is rare to find, which means that users will not be limited in options. Users can produce characteristic and unique patterns on any material of their choice.
  • It is easy to use. Never has there been an easier to use die cut and embossing machine like the Big Shot. Equipped with a hand crank that can be used regardless of where there is electricity or not, the Big Shot remains consistent in its ability to function, although users may need to do an excellent job when working with materials that are heavier and thicker.
  • The machine does not require any kind of maintenance. Since it does not need any form of lubrication or oils to function, it is unlikely that users will experience any issues. All a user needs to do when using this machine is to keep it clean and free of debris.
  • Sizzix offers a 3-year manufacturer warranty, and they have such excellent customer service in case of a user experience any issues with the Big Shot

Final Thoughts

The Sizzix Big Shot is one of my favorite machines simply because there are no limits to a user’s creativity. Because it is a manual die cutting and embossing tool, users can effortlessly and effectively add texture and cut shapes from many different materials using a single device, namely the Big Shot. It’s also extremely easy to use, and everyone, including beginners, can immediately dive into the crafting world if they are using the Big Shot. Overall it is an excellent machine, and if you are an avid and adventurous DIYer, it is certainly a machine that you should consider purchasing. However, do bear in mind that it is not compact and will require quite a bit of space when using it. Conclusively, despite this not being the largest die cutting machine we have come across, it is sufficient for you to get the job done without and difficulties.

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