Spellbinders Platinum Review

Available in two different models, namely the 6-inch cutting width and the 8.5-inch cutting width model, The Spellbinders Platinum machine is a sturdy and sophisticated manual die cutting machine capable of cutting and embossing.

The Platinum machine is a one of a kind die-cutting machine that can handle dies as thin as wafers, as well as steel rule, dies both from Spellbinders and other companies. As previously mentioned, the spellbinder is are sturdy and heavy and brags gears that are almost impossible to break regardless of the material being used.

The weight of the machine ensures it remains still and unfazed while it is in use; however, as well as steel rule, users require to input quite some effort to use this machine. This machine is ideal for crafters who have a large workspace since it occupies a large footprint which may be inconveniencing for users with smaller spaces. Nevertheless, the machine’s sides are foldable; however, which makes the Spellbinders Platinum compact and easy to store away. The Spellbinder platinum can effortlessly cut over 40 different materials including Balsa wood, leather, paper, craft metal, chipboard cotton, and many more. The “full-size” platinum is extremely flexible as it.

Nevertheless with 16 contour dies that facilitate flexibility for a user looking to achieve intricate cuts, patterns, and designs. The two platinum machines hold their own weight as they can cut paper sizes as big as their widths; however, the 8-inch platinum requires that users acquire larger cutting plates as opposed to the regular sized ones that are sold together with the machine.

What Are the Spellbinder Platinum Machines Equipped With?

Regardless of the size, both the smaller sized platinum and the full-sized platinum are equipped with the same accessories and items that users receive upon purchase. These items include: the machine itself, an embossing mat and plate, two standard 6” cutting plates, an operational manual and a cutting platform which varies depending on the size of the machine purchased.

However, users should note that they have the option of purchasing additional accessories that they like and are compatible with the machines such as the magnetic platform which is used to hold the overly thin dies and ensure that they do not move around while being cut. The crease plate and 3D embossing plate used alongside 3D embossing folders are yet another set of accessories that can be separated from the machines.

Features of the Spellbinder Platinum

The Platinum machines have a few features which we found to be great value adds such as;

Ergonomic handle: Unlike a lot of the electronic die cutting machines which have fancy buttons to operate it, the Spellbinders Platinum’s functionality is made possible through its ergonomic handle that connects with the machine’s roller bearings and turned manually to complete tasks. The handle, therefore, makes it easier for tasks and projects to be completed in a matter of minutes after a few turns.

Cutting platforms: Even though each machine has a cutting platform that corresponds with its model, the Spellbinders die cutter platforms are overly generous in comparison to some of the die cut machines that we have available in the market. Users can cut dies to their satisfaction, including multiple small dies all at once. The construction of the machines is such that they can accommodate varying dies, all while being portable and user-friendly.

Contour steel rule dies: today, the number of die-cutting processes available are quite many, with each of the processes being used for different techniques and serving a different purpose. The Spellbinders use the steel rule dies, which are popularly known for facilitating the use of different types of materials such as foam, paper, cardboard, rubber, and many more all while being easily centered. The contour steel die cutting process is revered to be an economically efficient method through which users can achieve unique designs on materials that have soft sheets as well as the “exotic” ones.

Solid steel core: the strength and longevity of the Spellbinders cutter because of its full-hardened steel construction. For the mere reason that this machine is constructed from the toughest metal in the globe means that users can rely on the machine to give them great service for a long time to come.

What We Like About the Spellbinders Platinum

  • Users no longer have to engage in repetitive tasks as the platinum can effortlessly cut up to 8 layers of material at once.
  • The machine is one of the most versatile machines we have come across in the market as it is capable of cutting more than forty different materials.
  • Despite its weight and size, the Spellbinders Platinum has a compact design thanks to its foldable sides, which helps users to save on space.
  • It is well-designed and durable. The construction of this machine gives it the power that it requires to manage most of the tasks thrown its way without it experiencing any difficulties.
  • Users receive a 1-year manufacturer warranty upon purchase of the machine. The warranty speaks to the quality of the machine and the manufacturer’s confidence in it.

What we did not like about the Spellbinders Platinum

  • The plates of the machine occasionally get jammed and as such users have to exercise extra caution when working with the machine.
  • Using the machine is tedious as the process is manual.
  • The Spellbinders Platinum is heavier and much larger than the typical die cut machines.


Regardless of whether you are cutting, scoring, or embossing, the Spellbinders Platinum is the ideal machine that you could opt for. This is because not only is it functional, but it also has a user-friendly design that makes it more than ideal for most crafters regardless of their skill level. The Spellbinders Platinum scores highly in our books because it is one of those machines that can outlast you for generations to come and it provides crafters with model different options and the ability to use several die types. If you have been contemplating on a die cutter to acquire for yourself or even someone else, then this is a great choice to contemplate.

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